Gekisai Sho Gekisai Sho  Kata Kata

Kata Kyokushin Gekisai Sho.

Vidéo de la réforme IKO 2020

Count 3: When stepping back to Kiba-Dachi from Zenkutsu-Dachi, do not pick up the left heel and shift the body weight to the back leg as you slide the front leg. Execute the hidari-Gedan-Barai as you complete the Kiba-Dachi.

Count 7, 8 and 9: Move the Shuto circularly and smoothly from covering the Kinteki to Shuto-Uchi-Uke with a long Ibuki. Then inhale quickly and throw the Shuto-Gendan-Barai with a short exhale.

Count 13, 14 & 15: From the Tsuruashi-Dachi to swiftly execute the Uraken and Sokuto-Yoko-Geri at the same time. Uraken and Sokuto-Yoko-Geri should be parallel. Do not hold the Tsuruashi-Dachi position.

Count 16: After Migi-Chudan-Mae-Geri under the Migi-Seiken-Chudan-Zuki, execute Kakeashi-Dachi Seiken-Morote-Tsuki with both arms straight. The arms height differs a bit.

Count 18: After the Kokutsu-Dachi Shuto-Uke, extend both arms straight to the right and execute Migi-Haito-Uchi as the left foot sides back. As you make Migi-Kokutsu-Dachi, execute the Hidari-Nukite swiftly with the right hand at the height of the solar plexus, the Nukite and the right hand is one fist distance.

Count 19: Throw Mawashi-Uke with the left Haito-Uke in the middle of the body. Both hands should not move too far from the body. Once both hand reach the Hikite position, execute Shotei clearly.

Catégorie : Katas Kyokushinkai

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