Pinan Yodan Pinan Yodan

4ème kata des 5 katas de base dans la version Kyokushin.

Changements de la mise à jour IKO 2020:

Count 3: When you execute the Juji-Uke, cross the arms above the wrists.

Count 9: After the Hidari-Chudan-Hiji-Uchi, pivot the Zenkutsu-Dachi to the left and execute the Migi-Shuto-Ganmen-Uchi with the left hand open to cover the forehead simultaneously.

Count 10: After the Migi-Mae-Geri, move forward to execute the Migi-Uraken-Ganmen-Uchi with the Kosa-Dachi. The body must face straight.

Count 12 & 14: After the Migi-Mae-Geri, execute the Hidari-Chudan-Gyaku-Zuki without taking Hikite position.

Count 19: Both hands open to hold the opponent’s head and pull it down to Migi-Hiza-Geri with keeping the hands open. Turn to the front as you put down the right foot, and directly execute the Shuto-Uke to the front. (Do not start the Shuto-Uke from the position of covering the groin.)

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