Pinan Godan Pinan Godan  Kata Kata

5ème kata des 5 katas de base dans la version Kyokushin.

Changements de la mise à jour IKO 2020:

Count 10: From the Migi-Zenkutsu-Dachi Chudan-Oi-Zuki, turn the body 180 degrees to execute the Migi-Soto-Mawashi-Geri to the rear, and ready for the Migi-Gedan-Barai. Execute the Migi-Gedan-Barai as you complete the Kiba-Dachi.

Count 11: Move the eye contact to the front and get ready to throw the Hidari-Haishu-Uke with the right hand open in front of the face. Execute the Hidari-Haishu-Uke slowly and make the right open hand gradually to firm fist (Seiken-Hikite) at the same time.

Count 12: Throw the Migi-Soto-Mawashi-Geri to hit the palm of the Hidari-Haishu with the Migi-Sokutei. As you make the Kiba-Dachi, execute the Migi-Hiji-Uchi to hit the left palm. Move the back foot (left foot) to the front to make the Kake-Ashi-Dachi and execute the Migi-Uraken-Genmen-Uchi with the Soe-Te (left hand) back-fist upwards.

Count 14: From the Migi-Seiken-Tsukiage (count 13) with the Hidari-Soe-Te, slide the body forward to execute the Kosa-Dachi Jyuji-Uke (Image to throw the opponent to the floor). Keep the back and eye contact straight.

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